2022 Officers & Directors
By Firefighter/EMT Daryl Parker
January 20, 2022

We are pleased to announce our leadership team for the year 2022. Recently these dedicated volunteers were elected to serve in their applicable leadership role. We wish you the best as you serve, and look forward to great things!

Chief (380): Patrick "Jersey" Davis
Deputy Chief (381): Scott Rooker
Assistant Chief (390): Shawn Volz
Fire Captain (391): James Dahle
Fire Captain (392): Josh Blood
EMS Captain (38A1): Adam Reeher
EMS Captain (38A2): Jason "Pickle" Knavel
Fire Police Captain (3801): Ardell "Abe" Hess
Fire Police Captain (3802): Rose Merritt

President: Daryl Parker
Vice President: Todd Benedict
Secretary: Trisha Parker
Treasurer: Judith Gardner
Clerk of Records: Adam Reeher

Board of Directors:
Chair: Christopher Conn
Vice Chair: Trisha Parker
Patrick "Jersey" Davis
Mary Ann Horne
Kimberly Kennedy
Daryl Parker
Steven Renick
Matthew Scowden

Club Committee:
Todd Benedict
Dale Huntley
Kim Kennedy
Daryl Parker
Trisha Parker
Steve Renick
Matt Scowden