New Rescue Engine 384 Update
By Chief Robert Glenn
June 25, 2020

The order for the new Rescue Engine 384 has been placed with Pierce Mfg. Pre-build has been completed and production is scheduled to begin around the first of August with an expected delivery date of October/November 2020.

Current Rescue Engine 384 has been decommissioned and sold to Command Fire Apparatus in Lancaster, PA as part of a trade in deal for a new Truck Company 389!!

Check out the drawings below of the new 384, a 2020 Pierce Enforcer HDRP (Heavy Duty Rescue Pumper). 1000 gallon water tank, 1500 GPM Hale Q-max pump, Roll up doors covering the pump panel. Should be a very capable multipurpose rig!

Attachment NEW 384 Print.pdf  (660k)
Attachment NEW 384 Pump.pdf  (721k)